Breeding Services

If you’re considering breeding your mare, we encourage you to contact our office for assistance throughout every step of the process. At Jackpot Veterinary Center, we offer premier breeding services designed to optimize the equine breeding process. Although breeding never comes with a guarantee of pregnancy, our highly experienced equine veterinarians at Jackpot Veterinary Center do everything we can to give your mare the best chances of conceiving. We ONLY provide equine breeding services at our clinic, we do not offer at home breeding services. This allows us to better track your mares follicles and ovulation to time insemination. It also gives us a safe and well lit area to work when breeding procedures go beyond daytime hours.

Equine Breeding Services in Tucson

When it comes to breeding your mare, our equine veterinarians are here to assist you every step of the way.

Planning and Preparation

The Mare
Our veterinarians are here to provide you with as much information and guidance as we can when it comes to preparing your mare for breeding. We can help you consider your mare’s age and help you understand how her status as a maiden or seasoned broodmare could affect reproductive success. We recommend bringing your mare into our clinic as soon as you notice heat signs. This allows our veterinarians plenty of time to monitor follicular growth and order semen accordingly or for you to make arrangements with the stallion owner. If you aren’t certain whether your mare has entered her heat cycle, we welcome you to bring her into our clinic. We can perform an ultrasound and even induce a “short cycle” to bring your mare into heat more quickly.
Often breeding contracts require a negative uterine culture prior to shipping semen. Plan to leave your mare boarded with us for the period of her cycle that we are tracking follicles and ovulation, and artificial insemination. She is then ready to go home and will come back for a pregnancy check 14-16 after ovulation.
The Stallion
Many stallions are available for breeding locally, in addition to thousands nationwide. Selecting the ideal stallion for your mare is an essential part of the breeding process. When choosing a stallion, make sure you understand its availability for breeding or collection. When you have selected a stallion, familiarize yourself with the service contract and provide our veterinarians with a copy for our records, too. We can help ensure that you meet all the requirements of your side of the contract regarding pre-breeding exams, ultrasound, and/or culture/cytology.

The Breeding Process

Live Cover
Live cover is the most effective and successful equine breeding method. Some stallion owners take your mare for a period of time and others require the mare on a more particular schedule. We welcome you to talk with us if you have any questions about your contract or the process.
Artificial Insemination
We help facilitate the breeding process via artificial insemination using cooled, shipped semen. We can work with you and your chosen stallion to coordinate shipping and clinic days for your mare.

Equine Breeding in Our Safe and Clean Clinic

All breeding services take place in our clean, climate-controlled equine hospital and haul-in clinic in Tucson. This enables us to provide safe, clean, and efficient breeding services – from pre-breeding ultrasounds and tracking heat cycles to breeding and pregnancy care.
To learn more about our equine breeding services at Jackpot Veterinary Center, we welcome you to contact us today.

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