Farm Animal Diagnostic

A physical examination can sometimes reveal signs and symptoms of illness or injury in farm animals. To determine the underlying cause of an animal’s symptoms, however, further diagnostic testing is almost always necessary.
At Jackpot Veterinary Center, our clinic is fully equipped with a complete suite of diagnostic tests that we use to examine, diagnose, and treat farm animals including cows, sheep, and goats.

Livestock Diagnostic Services at Jackpot Veterinary Center


Our ultrasound probe uses ultrasonic waves to produce moving, real-time images of a patient’s internal structures. We can use ultrasound to evaluate an animal’s body in motion which means it can be used to detect and diagnose abnormalities of the organs, musculoskeletal system, and circulatory system, in addition to facilitating reproductive care and more.

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiographs (also called x-rays) are images of the body’s internal structures produced using x-ray radiation. Digital radiographs require a much shorter exposure time, making it simpler to collect high-quality images on farm animals. Additionally, digital x-rays are safer and available immediately to view or share with outside veterinary specialists.

Laboratory Testing

We’re fully equipped to collect samples and run tests such as blood chemistry, urinalysis, fecal testing, cytology, and more. This type of diagnostic testing can help our veterinarians evaluate organ function, detect infectious disease, diagnose systemic health problems, detect signs of parasites, monitor medications and ongoing treatment plans, and more.

Using Diagnostics to Maintain Farm Animal and Herd Health

Diagnostics provide invaluable information to our livestock veterinarians because they are useful in countless ways. Our livestock veterinarians use our diagnostic testing capabilities to diagnose sick or injured pets, evaluate organ function, screen for early signs of disease and parasites, and to facilitate reproductive, abdominal, and musculoskeletal exams in individual animals.
Diagnostics are also useful when it comes to evaluating the health of a herd. If signs of contagious diseases or parasites are present in one animal, we can use diagnostic testing to quickly evaluate the rest of the herd, providing treatment and quarantining as needed.
To learn more about farm animal diagnostics and how these tests can help you maintain the health of every animal on your farm or to schedule an appointment with a livestock veterinarian, we welcome you to contact Jackpot Veterinary Center in Tucson today.

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