Client Education Seminars

At Jackpot Veterinary Center, we are proud to provide all our clients an opportunity to learn more about their pets. We host seminars in our equine hospital to discuss a variety of topics that will better your horse care and our ability to serve you.

Why Client Education Is Essential to Horse Health

The health, wellbeing, performance, and success of your horse depend on a successful relationship between a horse’s owner and its veterinary team. While we can provide your horse with a lot of care and preventative treatments designed to promote good health, wellness, and optimal performance during its equine veterinary appointments, your horse’s success also depends upon the care and upkeep they receive at home on a daily basis.
For this reason, the equine veterinarians at Jackpot Veterinary Center focus on not only providing the best care to our clients’ animals but also on the education of our clients. Whether you are new to horse ownership and care or a well-seasoned horse husbandry expert, our client education seminars are designed to benefit you and your horse by providing both education in basic horse care and upkeep and more complex instruction in the latest advancements available to improve the care, wellbeing, and performance of your horse.

New and Essential Equine Education Topics

Our equine seminars are designed to appeal to a wide variety of horse owners – including those raising horses for farm work, horses for reproduction and sale, trail riding horses, show horses, racehorses, and more.
Topics cover an equally wide variety of information including nutrition, wellness and preventative care strategies, hoof care, exercise regimens, lameness evaluations, performance improvement, seasonal care, new advancements in equine veterinary technology, and more!

Horse Questions Addressed by Experienced Equine Veterinarians

In addition to discussing important and relevant topics related to the care and upkeep of your horse, our equine veterinarians are also available to answer all of your horse-related questions at our education seminar events.
In addition to receiving expert advice and opinions from our experienced veterinarians, client education seminars also provide you with the opportunity to meet, connect with, network with, and learn from other local horse owners.

Attend Our Next Equine Client Education Seminar

If you are a horse owner interested in learning more, improving your horse husbandry skills, talking with equine veterinarians, and connecting with other horse owners like you, then we welcome you to attend our upcoming equine client education seminars.
To learn more about these seminars, we welcome you to contact Jackpot Veterinary Center today.

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