Equine Services

The Equine hospital was built in 2019 to provide a location for equine emergencies, hospitalization, diagnostics, and community outreach. Clean environments away from wind and dirt are difficult and often impossible to find at the barn. Bring your horse to a climate-controlled, sterile room for safer joint injections, radiographs, ultrasound, and laser therapy.


Jackpot Veterinary Center expanded in 2019 with the completion of our equine hospital and haul-in clinic.

Equine Sports Medicine & Lameness

Whether your horse is an athlete or your favorite trail riding partner,...

Preventive Medicine

The saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is well-known and often repeated ...

Alternative Medicine

At Jackpot Veterinary Center, we are proud to provide our equine patients with well-rounded ...


Ultrasound and Radiography


Dental Exam and Float

Equine Ambulatory Services

Equine Castration

Equine Surgery

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