Haul-In Clinic

Jackpot Veterinary Center expanded in 2019 with the completion of our equine hospital and haul-in clinic. Our equine veterinarians are proud to have the ability to provide comprehensive examinations, diagnostic testing, treatments, and emergency hospitalization to our equine patients in a safe, clean, and climate-controlled environment.

The Benefits of Treatment at Our Equine Haul-In Clinic

While having an equine veterinarian come to you might be more convenient and the better option in certain situations, there are occasions when having access to an on-site equine veterinary clinic is highly beneficial and even necessary for the health and safety of your horse.
With our haul-in clinic, we can provide your horses with examinations, diagnostics, and treatment in a clean, climate-controlled environment that is completely free of dust, dirt, debris, and wind – an environment that is quite difficult to come across in a barn.
This clean, comfortable environment makes treatment much safer by reducing the risk of infections during care. Additionally, it ensures that sick horses or horses that are in pain have exceptional shelter and a comfortable place to rest and recover throughout their treatment.

Equine Veterinary Care Services at Our Haul-In Clinic

Our equine hospital and haul-in clinic are fully equipped to provide horses with top-quality veterinary care in a safe and clean environment. Our comprehensive services include:

Lameness Exams and Diagnostics

Before recommending treatment plans or administering any treatments to a horse, it is essential to first obtain a clear understanding of the horse’s condition and an accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause of illness, symptoms, or lameness. At Jackpot Veterinary Center, we pair physical examinations with our skilled equine veterinarians with state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities including digital x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy, gastroscopy, and laboratory testing to provide our patients with the safest and most effective treatments.

Emergencies, Hospitalization, and ICU

Our clinic is fully equipped to handle equine emergencies with our experienced veterinarians and ICU stalls.

Joint Injections

When joint problems such as degenerative disorders affect a horse’s performance, joint injections can provide relief while also slowing the progression of the disease. Administering these injections in a clean environment is imperative to preventing dangerous bacterial infections.

Alternative Therapies

Our equine patients have access to fully integrated care with a variety of alternative therapies, such as class IV cold laser therapy, available at our haul-in clinic.

On-Site Equine Care at Jackpot Veterinary Center

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