Ultrasound and Radiography

Whether your horse is exhibiting symptoms of illness, recently injured, or is due for a basic health screening or lameness examination, veterinary diagnostics are essential tools in providing the most appropriate veterinary care and treatment regimens designed to meet each individual horse’s unique needs. Equine Imaging, including radiographs and ultrasounds, are noninvasive forms of imaging that have taken great leaps in technology over the past few decades. These images are detailed and available immediately for review at the time of the appointment. For difficult cases or for a second opinion on these images they can be digitally shared with a board certified radiologist. They are also easily emailed to the client after the appointment.

Equine Radiology Services at Jackpot Veterinary Center

Our equine veterinary center is equipped with a variety of tools needed to perform ultrasounds and take digital radiographs.

What Is Radiography?

Radiography is the study of radiographs (also called x-ray images), which are pictures of a patient’s internal structures that are taken using short bursts of x-ray radiation.
At Jackpot Veterinary Center, we have a modern digital radiograph system that is much safer for our patients, as it requires a much shorter exposure time to x-ray radiation. Additionally, digital radiographs are instantly available to view and share, which means we can usually take radiographs and diagnose your horse during a single appointment.

What Is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is another type of diagnostic imaging that produces a moving, real-time picture (like a movie) called an ultrasound or sonogram. Ultrasonic imaging uses high-frequency sound waves that permeate a patient’s tissues and bounce off of internal structures. These readings are then interpreted by a sonogram machine and translated into an image of a patient’s internal structures.
This imaging is great for looking at soft tissue structures and performing guided injections into soft tissue lesions, spaces or joints.

How Our Veterinarians Use Radiographs and Ultrasounds

Radiographs and ultrasounds enable our veterinarians to examine your horse’s internal structures without the need to perform invasive exploratory surgery. These images provide us with invaluable information that we can use in a variety of ways such as:
There are countless situations when our equine veterinarians might recommend diagnostic imaging for your horse including sick or injured horse appointments in addition to during regular wellness exams.
All of our diagnostic imaging capabilities are digital. As a result, they can be easily shared with you or sent to certain equine veterinary specialists for referral care or second opinions.

Diagnostic Imaging With Our Equine Veterinary Specialists in Tucson

In addition to radiographs and ultrasounds, our equine veterinary center is also able to perform endoscopy and gastroscopy which can sometimes be necessary when diagnosing medical problems associated with the respiratory system or gastrointestinal tract.
To learn more about equine diagnostics or to schedule an appointment for your horse, we welcome you to contact Jackpot Veterinary Center today.

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