Equine Dental Exam, More Than The Float!

Equine Dental Exam, More Than The Float!

Dental exams are an important part of your horse’s health. Domesticated horses are living longer but their teeth are still the same length. It is important to have your horse’s teeth looked at to maintain their health.
Horses are a hypsodont; their teeth go beyond the gum line and wear down overtime. As the teeth are worn down they take on different shapes, points, hooks, etc…without dental care some of these changes can lead to weight loss, poor performance, abnormal behaviors, infection and more.
Some of the horse’s teeth reside in a sinus cavity of the head. This is important because dental disease can be related to nasal drainage, runny eyes, change in airflow out of the nostrils, odor, facial swelling and overall head discomfort.
An oral exam includes sedation, speculum (a device to keep the mouth open safely) and a good light. Without proper visualization you’ll never be able to determine dental health.
Only a portion of each tooth is visualized inside the mouth. That means the rest of the tooth can only be seen with a radiograph and why they may be recommended if a problem with the tooth or sinus is suspected.
Jackpot Veterinary Center is proud to offer full dental services for Equine in Tucson Arizona, and surrounding areas. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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