Inspired Veterinary Technician

Inspired Veterinary Technician Cole Lowry, Jackpot Veterinary Center

My inspiration to love and care for animals came to me at a very young age. My Mom would tell me stories about when she was younger working in the zoo; hearing about all the cool tasks she would do and how she would care for and provide for the different animals interested me. She would tell me how each animal had their own individual personality and special diet. Hearing her talk about her work really sparked my love for all types of animals big or small.
Growing up learning to ride horses in a small town in Ashland Virginia, you learn very quickly that all types of animals can come ill very fast and in very different ways. Sometimes animals would come ill in the most bizarre ways that you would never begin to think could happen. Seeing a horse you love and ride every day start to colic, all you want to do is help them. Your desire to make them feel better can become overwhelming but sometimes that’s still not enough. So, you must call in the experts.
I was always fascinated when our local vet Carrie would come out to our barn. She would drive up in a big tank of a truck, and I would just stare at her thinking, wow what’s all in there. Opening about ten doors and what seemed to be a thousand drawers, with all sorts of cool supplies, I just kept imagining how this must be the coolest job I have ever seen. She had access to everything imageable to save my horse.
Quickly springing into action and getting to work right away, it was inspiring to see someone her stay so calm and remain so friendly, all while trying to save my best friend. She would lean in and give information about what she was doing and the different things she was looking for. I remember that moment like it was yesterday, because that was the moment I decided I would like to pursue a career in the Veterinarian field. I too wanted to save other people’s best friends; bringing a smile, a sigh of relief, or just giving hope to someone, would be such a rewarding feeling.
Becoming a vet tech has been a life-altering experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The opportunity to learn about getting a horse through colic, taking radiographs, or even taking a mass off a horse has been so amazing!
I wake up every morning knowing I get to make a difference to someone and their pet, and it gives me such a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If I can give you readers and animal lovers a word of advice about entering the Veterinarian field, and about life in general, it would be this: Never get discouraged about pursuing what you love, try to have a mindset that promotes growth in what you do, and always do your best to stay positive and calm in the many stressful situations you will face!

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